Commercial property advice

Finding the Right Advice

To be able to negotiate the best deal with a landlord or agent you will need to:

A: Understand the basic “Do’s and Don’ts” of renting a commercial property

B: Have raised enough money to pay the deposit and upfront rent, and be able to demonstrate financial viability i.e. that the business can afford to pay the rent, rates and service charge.

C: Have obtained sufficient professional legal advice so that you can sign the “lease”.
If you are looking to rent your first commercial property then Capital Enterprise recommends that you check out the links below:

  • First time tenant guides

    The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) as the member association of professionals working in the property sector including agents has kindly allowed Capital Enterprise to promote their guides to first time tenants. We strongly recommend that you check them out.
    Occupier Guide

    This guide has been produced for use by occupiers and prospective occupiers as an introduction to the issues that are relevant in leasing business premises. This guide broadly deals with issues covered in a lease in simple language and provides helpful tips for any occupier.

    It is important that occupiers seek professional advice from a lawyer and a surveyor when negotiating a lease.

    Code of Practice Occupier Guide

    This guide aims to raise awareness of the Code among occupiers of commercial property, and to give you a flavour of what to expect when discussing service charges. It will help you to ensure that your advisers are working within the recommendations of the Code of Practice, as far as is practical.
  • Social or non-commercial use

    If you are looking to find and rent a property for a social or non-commercial use then please check out They are promoting a special type of lease suitable for short lets.
  • "Pop-up" shops or "Pop-up" space

    Finally, if you are interesting to find out more about "Pop-up" shops or "Pop-up" space then check out the Capital Enterprise Website or e-mail